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Carrollton, Texas

If you’re looking to buy a home in the Dallas Metroplex, then Carrollton will certainly be a good choice for you! Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the City of Carrollton is a vibrant corporate and residential community with a lot to offer its citizens. With a low cost of living as well as a reputed education system, Carrollton presents a nice balance point between a natural and urban environment.

Known for its low cost of living, abundant parks/trails and safe neighborhoods, Carrollton has become a town known for its diversity and high quality of life. Whether it be travelling to downtown Dallas on the convenient Dart Rail System to enjoying the Carrollton Library and its surrounding parks, Carrollton is a relaxed, laid-back suburb that still maintains a sense of interaction and friendly community. With a population of 132,596, Carrollton represents a happy (and convenient!) medium with something for everyone. When you buy 

a home in Carrollton, you will be pleased with the feel of a big city while still maintaining the intimacy of a small town.

Thanks to its close proximity to nightlife, restaurants and businesses, Carrollton’s location attracts and supports a diverse local economy with over 9,000 business calling it home! . If you buy a home in Carrollton, just know that you’re being handed a convenient ticket to some of the most diverse (and delicious!) cuisine in the Dallas-Fort-Worth Metroplex. Whether you’re craving Korean fried chicken to Cuban seafood paella, Carrollton offers a tantalizing range of options for any preference.

When you buy a home in Carrollton, you will find a community that is safe, engaging, and culturally diverse!

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Carrollton Schools

While not only being a diverse and quickly growing community within the DFW metroplex, Carrollton has a good, engaging public school education system. With a student teacher ratio of 15 to 1 and a graduation rate of 94%, the Carrollton-Farmer’s Branch Independent School District will thoroughly prepare your child in whatever career they hope to pursue. With an average of 9 years of teacher experience, the Carrollton-Farmer’s Branch is a well-established and known for being the 43rd Most Diverse School District in Texas, there is no doubt that your child will be introduced to a variety of different experiences and perspectives throughout their time in this school district!

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Awards & Accolades


#12  in Most Diverse Suburbs in Texas


“Carrollton is a beautiful city. It is centrally located in the DFW metroplex and has so much to offer. The school district is truly amazing. I have enjoyed the cultural diversity around Carrollton as it offers many different places to eat and shop.”

“Carrollton is a very small county and very welcoming, this town has a lot to provide to others really clean area. The neighborhood are kept nicely. Friendly to dogs as well. Commute is excellent it is near the Toll way and the high ways. Very close to the Airport As well.”
“Carrollton is a Beautiful city. It is Small and comfortable perfect for families. There are plenty of city parks and trails. There are two community recreation centers, one that has a water park. There are splash pads around town as well. There are plenty of local grocery stores and some major shops and chain store as well.”
“A bunch of different communities in a city where you get to try different foods and learn about different cultures all while being surrounded by kind people.”




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HelpUBuy America is dedicated to helping all potential homeowners and borrowers find the home of their dreams, without any of the stress! Our highly skilled Carrollton exclusive buyer’s agents have been protecting the rights of home buyers at no cost since 1995 and are truly committed to helping home buyers find and buy the home of their choice at the lowest possible price, with the best terms. We serve:

  • First-time home buyers
  • Move-up or downsizing home buyers
  • Home buyers relocating to North Texas or Houston
  • Buyers who want to build or purchase a new home
  • Credit challenged buyers who may benefit from our lease-option program

We hold your hand through all the complicated steps of the homebuying process from house hunting to financing to closing and beyond. We’ll help you select a quality home with good resale potential. We’ll help you choose a lender and ensure you don’t pay too much. We’ll help you interpret inspection reports and negotiate repairs, and we’ll be there with you at closing and possession to make sure all the terms of the contract are satisfied.

In a real estate transaction, the buyer assumes all of the risk. The seller walks away from the property, usually with some money in their pocket. It’s the buyer that pays for inspections, appraisals, and mortgage fees, and ends up with the house and a mortgage. It absolutely matters who represents you! See what HelpUBuy America can do for you!


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