I hate blogging. It might be more accurate to say that I hate what blogs and blogging have become.

When I started my company in 1995, mine was the first real estate website in my area. I built it with a web builder called Front Page which is a WYSIWYG HTML editor and admin tool (the first of its kind). If you’re my age, you know what that means. The site consisted of just 3 pages…Home, About Me, and Contact. It wasn’t pretty by today’s standards, but it worked and worked well. 

Today, websites and blogs, in particular, are all about something other than providing information to readers. It’s all about keywords, SEO, capturing the lead, auto-responses, spam, ads in sidebars, outgoing links, likes, followers, CTAs, pop-ups, and newsletters. Canned content written by SEO experts and flashing banner ads turn me off. Is it just me?

I’ve been advised to blog for years but didn’t feel I had enough to say and share. So, why now?

The housing market has been crazy for the past couple of years. With crazy bidding wars, rising interest rates, high prices, and limited inventory, buyers’ heads are spinning; my head is spinning too! 

I receive dozens of emails/questions every day and I’ve learned that buyers share the same frustrations. They want advice without a sales pitch. They want help and to be treated like a person, not a lead. They want to speak with someone who has been through many real estate cycles and not a brand-new agent whose only training is in how to make cold calls. I am happy to fill that void in the marketplace and hope and plan to do it well.

But from an intrinsic and selfish standpoint, I also want to document my career. I have great stories to tell and wonderful clients. I attend children’s birthday parties, dance recitals, and college graduations. I’ve known some of my clients for over 20+ years. These friendships are important to me and I want to remember them all.

So, I’ll blog. I won’t sell anything…I’ll just try to help. My writing style is conversational and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. For that reason, I don’t proof and edit a lot of what I write. Editing leads to hours spent dissecting every word of an article that will ultimately end up in the trash for fear of ridicule. So, expect an occasional typo or grammatical error. I have my Brene Brown books in hand and will be brave, and authentic, and embrace my imperfections!

I welcome your questions and productive comments both publicly and through email at Alysse@HelpUBuyAmerica.com.